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Diana Zapata, Studio Owner + Photographer | Wedding PhotographerHello! I’m so happy and grateful you made it here. 

As you probably already figured out I’m a wedding photographer. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I caught the travel bug at an early age. I spent a few years moving within the states, finally ending up in Miami, where I lived for 9 years. Now I spend my days between Florida, New York and wherever my work takes me. I’ve been fortunate to travel with my art and visit several areas of the US, Greece, Australia, the Caribbean, South America and parts of Asia photographing Portraits and Weddings.

I have a background in Advertising + Design which allowed me to transition into Photography in a seamless way. Keeping an eye for aesthetics and creating a style of my own, my poetic heart flutters with every new love story. Most of all, I am passionate about telling life and love stories, catching those fleeting moments and details that make people so unique and beautiful. I’m inspired by romance, a good old jazz record, spending time with my pup and the simple pleasures in life. My photography is uncomplicated, unpretentious and honest. I have a soft spot for photographs that evoke emotion. I love the in-between moments that make us so human and real.

Throughout my journey, I’ve found that working towards achieving any goal takes precious time and effort and I wholeheartedly believe my passion and dedication are in the right place. I work to offer my clients a set of photographs that will be timeless, elegant and true. This is ultimately my main purpose. BlueSpark Photography was born and it was all because I wanted to bring a little more kindness to the world, a little more love to my client’s images.

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Learn more about my goal as a Wedding Photographer in this beautiful video, shot and edited by Esteban Hernandez.
I look forward to learning more about you and your love story. Much love and light!