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Portraits: Weddings + Lifestyle Sessions

Being photographed can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. But don’t worry, it’s all about reflecting your personality in your portraits. These will serve as memory of this wonderful time in your life. The following are a few tips to ease your nerves and make your session flow easier.

Be Yourself

Starting with your own personal style. Wearing clothes that look good on you that make you feel gorgeous, will ensure meaningful portraits that are true reflections of who you are as individual(s).

Location, Location, Location

Consider the setting of where your portraits will take place. Whether it’s your wedding day or just a regular portrait session, the setting will end up being the background of your photos. Ideally, you want to match the background, but not match so much that you become the background.


A good rule of thumb is to pick out two colors that would go well with the location. Typically, pastels (peach, mint, or lavender) go well with natural scenes. Primary colors such as blue, red, and yellow match modern locations like the city.


Depending on the season, consider layering your outfits with accessories such as bowties, headbands, rain boots, scarves, jackets, and hats. Accessories add variety to your shots and can also double as fun props.

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Now for some beauty advice:

-About a week before your session, increase your water intake. Love that water. Being well-hydrated means glowy and well-hydrated skin!

-Moisturize your skin and hair especially well for a few days before your session.

-Get a manicure and pedicure a day before. You can have as many outfits (or lack of outfits), but if your nails don’t look polished, they can really ruin a photo.

-Whiten your teeth if you feel like they need a little brightening. Get a pack of bleach strips (doesn’t have to be anything fancy), and a few days prior use them a couple of times. It can make a great the difference!

-If you can, hire a professional make-­up artist for your portrait session. They will know the right products to use to reduce shine, leave a nice glow, and give you a natural, beautiful look.

-Get a few nights of really good sleep. Being well rested is important.

-Avoid tanning beds or any tanning lotion for 5 days before your session. You do not want blotchy red or orange skin on your portrait session day.

-On the day of, don’t starve yourself before your session. A typical session can last a few hours, so eat a small, healthy, protein packed snack or meal.

And finally…relax, enjoy, let your photographer do all the hard work! They will guide you to the best light and the best poses. You just need to look beautiful.