TO MENU

        It was early in the morning and I found myself creating flower arrangements in a barn on a farm half way around the world from home, and it hit me: I was always meant to be there. I believe everything happens for a reason, but sitting there and taking it all in was quite a powerful feeling. I was meant to see one of my friends get married to a man who loves and supports her, but not before I experienced firsthand how much love she had found in her new home, Australia, with a family whose values and immense care for one another show the wonderful people they are.

        Tara and Chris met in Romania while traveling solo, and quickly decided to stay together and travel through South East Asia for a few months. It wasn’t too long until they realized the special love they had found in each other and decided to move to Chris’ hometown: Melbourne, Australia.

        This wedding was one hundred percent handmade. Friends and family came together before the celebration and with an open heart poured themselves into every little detail. There was always someone helping with landscaping, making seating arrangements, setting up decorations, cooking, putting up lights… The list goes on and on. These preparations took weeks to complete, but we made it happen. We made it happen because Tara and Chris deserve to begin their life together knowing that there’s a good amount of people who support their union and admire their love.

        The celebration of course was not your typical event: many of the guests traveled from far to witness Tara and Chris’ union and celebrate with them, one of the groomsmen caught the bridal bouquet and even though Smores are not a thing in Australia, Aussies delighted in the American treat.

        I am now leaving Australia knowing that many of the events that led up to meet Tara about 7 years ago had a more powerful reason than I thought, and I couldn’t feel more honored to be part of her wedding day. I also leave Australia with a full heart, grateful for every experience I had while being here and knowing that I have a friend for life- and a couple of new ones!

        A special Thank You to Tara, Chris and the Hoopers for their hospitality, to Tara’s family for all their help, to Ruth for being the best travel companion and to the bridal party for being such a fun and loving group. We must make plans to see each other again!

        Here’s just a small record of the beautiful day we spent together, celebrating love and life. Cheers!