TO MENU

        When Caroline and Loren reached out to me, they were very clear about their celebration being the non-wedding wedding. Far from traditional, these two had planned a full day of events that included getting ready together, no bouquet toss or wedding cake… a few hours break in between brunch and dinner to schedule massages (genius!) and they didn’t have any of the usual wedding-day events. But their celebration was all the things that a “wedding” wedding is: a day full of love and hugs and people coming together to celebrate them and their love for each other.

        The proposal…

        Two years (of dating) and many arcade games later, we could not resist the opportunity to stop by our favorite city of Paris on the way to Belgium for a conference. A man of surprises, Loren planned an evening of Parisienne experiences for us. We biked along the Right Bank to the Eiffel Tower, followed by a boat tour at sunset. As we disembarked, he whisked me into a cab that drove us through the Latin Quarter to an intimate bistro for dinner. After our meal, we went for a stroll along the quais of the Seine. As we neared the Pont du Carrousel, I turned around, and he was down on one knee with the perfect ring. I sealed the deal with a resounding “Duh!” It was a no-brainer.