TO MENU

        What would my guests think ? Is this on trend?  Would my best friend approve?

        When you approach either your home or milestone celebration with this in mind, you’ll never be able to create an experience that is purposeful and embraces who you truly are.

        Between information overload on social media and societal expectations, the design process can feel overwhelming and endless.


        The good news is that you can now be at peace because the process has just been facilitated with Claudia’s recent launch, Endlessly Lush, Design & Planning studio specializing in Bespoke Interiors & Events. She has just made the process of personalization filled with excitement and unlimited options to allow people to showcase and infuse their personalities through experiences that cultivate incredible design. She does not miss a single beat and puts her heart into every step of the process, while being committed to providing excellent customer experiences tailored to the individual.


        Meet the Creative Director

        With a former background in Interior Design & Architecture in New York City, Claudia decided to expand her artistry and make headlines in the Events industry to continue providing exceptional experiences for people in New York City and Florida.  She founded the studio with the desire to curate all-encompassing design experiences that celebrate self-expression and passion. Her goal is to transform surroundings with a design approach that highlights purpose, distinction, and beauty through an all-encompassing design experience. She empowers individuals to embrace their sense of self and bring to life their vision of the lifestyle they desire. People are her inspiration as she seeks to translate their story by artfully integrating the light and airy; luxury and essential; modern and poetic. In the endl, she brings a poetic air to any story she’s telling through her work.

        In case you were curious, she often finds her inspiration in art installations throughout NYC; couture fashion, iconic architecture, and eclectic furniture designs often found through her search for Interior Design projects. When she’s not curating Events nor Interiors, she’s rather decompressing through the transcendent power of music. She’s not a songwriter, nor a instrumentist. Claudia is a spectator searching for an eclectic blend of melodic tunes and groovier house and techno. “Nothing keeps me more awake than music”, Claudia exclaimed.

        “Many people often ask for my style, but I don’t  fall within a specific category. My creations are effortlessly elegant. Complemented by the things they love the most”. Each space is meant to reflect the client’s personality  while maintaining a high degree of artistry and sophistication”, Claudia affirms.