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diana zapata new york wedding photographer

Photo by Esteban Hernandez

Hola! I’m so grateful you’re here. 

Keeping an eye on aesthetics and staying loyal to my vision, my poetic heart flutters with every new love story. Most of all, I am passionate about telling life and love stories, catching those fleeting moments and details that make people so unique and beautiful. I’m inspired by romance, a good old jazz record, spending time with my pup and the simple pleasures of life. My photography is uncomplicated, unpretentious and honest. I have a soft spot for photographs that evoke real, raw emotion, and I’ll be forever in love with the in-between moments that make us so human and real.

Working towards achieving any goal takes precious time and effort and I believe my passion and dedication are in the right place. I work to offer my clients a set of photographs that will be timeless, elegant and true.

Much love and light,

New York Wedding Photographer


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