TO MENU

        There isn’t anything more beautiful to me than seeing people moved by love. Happy tears because they are excited, in love and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Seeing two people that connect on such a deep level, seeing the little nuances of their love and getting to capture this on film is the one gift I can offer. In their pre-wedding questionnaire, Shirley and Luke shared the little things that make them proud about each other, the reasons why they feel accomplished in their relationship and even the fact that they are looking forward to becoming Bill and Noni (Luke’s grandparents) one day. On June 16th, I met with Shirley and Luke at the Standard Hotel in New York City. We walked around the Highline taking a few shots of them, as strangers congratulated them on their special day. A few minutes later, in front of New York City itself, their closest family and friends (and a bunch of strangers who hung out at their ceremony site) they were reciting their vows as more tears of happiness came out. They also surprised their guests with a second line march band, and in what felt like the end of an epic movie, we all walked down the Highline, dancing and celebrating their love once again (and of course in modern day life style- being Instagrammed by everyone along the way!)

        Here, just a recap of what went on, along with my sincerest congratulations to this amazing couple. You guys are the sweetest and I wish you all the happiness, all the good things.