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        Boudoir Photography

        Most of you girls, reading this article probably have an idea of what a Boudoir session is. But whether you have an idea or you already know what this session entails, this article is a head-to-toe description, advice, and ideas to make the best out of your Boudoir session.

        What is Boudoir Photography?

        Boudoir by definition  is “a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room.” The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky” or boudeur, meaning “sulky”. In photographic terms and for the purposes of this article, Boudoir refers to a photographic session in which we create suggestive imagery whether in lingerie, little clothing, partially or totally nude in a private room.

        Boudoir Photography

        When to have one

        A boudoir session is most commonly used by brides. They are gifts to the husband-to-be on their wedding day. However, I believe that a boudoir session can be done at any time and for any reason. Pregnancy,  birthdays or anniversaries: the possibilities are endless. The curves in a woman are beautiful and should always be celebrated.

        Where should you do it?

        I think that your own room is the place where you feel most comfortable and to feel sensual and beautiful, feeling comfortable is key. However, there are amazing hotel rooms and even little bed and breakfast hotels that offer another world of decor, ambiance and a sense of intimacy that you want to convey through these images. So ultimately the decision is up to you, and depending on the style you want to give to your session, I can definitely recommend different places to book.

        What do you need to bring?

        My recommendation as far as what to bring is very simple, and again, I can’t stress this enough, bring your confidence, feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin. Now, to feel comfortable and beautiful there are a few things that you might want to consider:

        Hiring a make up artist will go a long way. They will accentuate your features and you will feel pampered and beautiful. If you can splurge on hiring one, I recommend it. I know a few amazing artists that can help you on this. If you can’t hire one, practice doing your own makeup a few days before the session with online tutorials.

        Clothing is your own personal style, but I recommend a few lingerie pieces and some oversized t-shirts. Try adding some candles, flowers, jewelry and shoes if it’s something that you want to incorporate in your images.

        If there is anything else that can make you feel sensual or comfortable like music or even a friend to help out, definitely bring them!


        First timers

        If you have never been photographed in boudoir before, you might feel strange at first. Just know that I’ll guide you into your most flattering angles. The point of these images and my style is to be suggestive, not explicit. I’ll shoot many details that will create a story but will still show the beauty of that moment.

        What to do with the images?

        Whether this is a gift to your partner or a gift to yourself, don’t just keep these images in digital format. Print them! Some ideas include Matted Prints in a glass/wooden box, Small Folios with 8-10 images of the session and Hardcover books.

        So there you have it, all the details on what who where and what is boudoir. Book your session a few weeks in advance to ensure we get all prints ready for the big day. Otherwise, we can sneak in a little boudoir session early on your wedding day as well!