TO MENU

        My baby sister is married. Last week was a whirlwind of emotions and even though that was expected, what I wasn’t expecting were the seemingly endless tears rolling down my face during her ceremony, even as I was taking some of these photos. She and her now husband have been together for quite a few years and moved in together very early on. When you know- you know! You know? Ever since then I have always seen them as a unit. An independent, successful, authentic, adventurous, solid, loving unit.

        This wedding celebration was quite unique in that it was very intimate and intentional. They chose to invite about 14 guests and spend a full weekend at a vineyard hotel by the Duoro river outside of Porto, Portugal.

        I want to share this here because it is very special to me. Some time ago, I was working through a Yan Palmer workshop for creatives and one of the assignments was to think about your very first memory. To try and go back and remember that very first thought, that first emotion or feeling you had-ever. Turns out my very first memory was the moment I saw my dad walk into the room where I was patiently waiting for my baby sister. I (obviously) burst into tears and felt as if my life had begun the day that I met her. I was 4.5 years old. I had been asking for a sister, a little baby that could be my best friend, and ever since I met her, I just wanted to play with her and be with her every minute. When she was 5, back in Colombia, we went to the same school and I’d go find her during recess so we could spend that time together. When we were older, we each had our own room but we wanted to have a pajama party every night so we decided to move beds and share one room. All this to say that she has been my everything, my entire life.

        Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to see so much love in the world, and to know that you’ve found your person, that you’ve found this love, makes me so incredibly happy, little one. I love you so much.

        Here are some (digital and film) photos of this amazing weekend-long event and all the love that surrounded you, all the love that surrounded us.

        *Also, big thanks to the guest photographers that managed to capture some photos with me in them 🙂