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        Central Park Elopements

        Central Park in October

        With only their immediate family and a handful of friends as their guests, they said their I do's at Central Park and later on had a lovely dinner reception to celebrate. It was a perfect day, if you ask me.
        Manhattan Weddings

        A Manhattan Wedding

        Got married at Central Park in a gorgeous tree hut and then we ran off to Times Square to get some NYC iconic photos of the newlyweds. Even though it rained a bit-- if the pandemic didn't stop us, a little rain wouldn't scare us away!
        New York Family Photography

        A new family

        These photos will certainly become memories of their first days together as a new family of three that even through a pandemic manage to fill their days with laughter and gratitude for all the good things that still happen in our days.
        New York City Engagements

        Best Friends

        Meet Maggie and Himesh. They've been together for over 5 years and oh boy-- do they know how to keep that honeymoon spark going.

        A hidden gem

        Their proposal was low-key and very intimate but from the story they told me, absolutely perfect. Meet Carly and Matt.

        Treasured Moments

        If this virus has taught me anything, is that treasuring every moment with loved ones is never a waste of time. Family is important and every minute we spend with those we love, matters. It matters now and it will matter in the future.

        Your tribe, your fam

        In the years I've been photographing families, I've learned a few things: kids might throw temper tantrums, they might run away from us as we're trying to take a photo, they might make silly faces and most definitely they will BE.THEM.SELVES. And guess what? That's ok.

        It was perfect.

        We didn't tell anyone until that evening, enjoying our little secret as we had lunch at our favorite spot in Philly and walked our favorite routes. It was perfect.


        I've had the pleasure of photographing a fellow photographer, Corrado for the third time now as his family grows and every session becomes my favorite to date-- this one was no exception.