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        So you two have tied the knot, or you’re about to, and tied in with the butterflies of everything that is your wedding, there is also the anxiety of not knowing where to go for your honeymoon. It’s the second leg of your ‘big day’, and as much as you both love all the guests that helped you celebrate getting married, perhaps the greatest part of your honeymoon is that none of them will be there! Finally, you get to enjoy each other as spouses and marvel at how all of a sudden everything changed, while also staying exactly the same.

        Your honeymoon is a gift, a magical time where you can finally celebrate having pulled together a whole wedding. Where you go is important, and enjoying it is important.

        But as the start of your new life together, making sure it doesn’t break the bank is also important. So once again, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of our top seven, non-typical, you-don’t-have-to-win-the-lottery-to-afford-it honeymoon spots! Pack your shades, a wide brimmed hat, sunscreen, bug spray and let’s go!


        A gem of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique has a long, white-sand coastline that’s dotted with popular beaches. ‘In the Quirimbas Archipelago, a 250km stretch of coral islands, mangrove-covered Ibo Island has colonial-era ruins surviving from a period of Portuguese rule.’ Who doesn’t want to explore that?! Mozambique is small, and although it’s right next to more popular South Africa, it doesn’t get the same traffic. What that means for you and your beloved is exclusivity. Come and experience your own private beaches, fresh-from-the-boat seafood, and warm hospitality. Check out Tofo beach and be sure to spend at least a night in the bustling capital of Maputo, where you’ll fly in. You won’t regret it.


        The ever enchanting East African country of Kenya is another one high on our list. With so much to offer, you most likely won’t be able to do it all, but at least you’ll experience the wonder. Spend time in the capital of Nairobi, and experience the warmth of the land and the people. Then when you’re ready to retreat to one of the many national reserves, where you can watch all of Africa’s wildlife move around you like you weren’t even there. To see a family of elephant roam free, in their natural environment, is a hair raising experience everyone must have at least once.

        If you time this right, you could find yourself in the Serengeti during the breathtaking wildebeest migration, millions of wildebeest crossing the plains. You can’t imagine it, you just have to see it. Maybe from the air, as you float about in a hot air balloon. Challenge yourself to climb Africa’s tallest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro that Kenya shares with Tanzania and literally be on top of the world. Not for you? Then relax on any one of the countless beaches, while you sip on something cold and watch the sunset. Kenya has it all, all it’s missing is you.


        Best Island nation ever. The vegetation, the people, the culture, the beach and the sun. It’s always sunny and perfect in Jamaica, and everything is always ‘irie man’. Don’t get fooled though, the island isn’t just a beach, it’s also crammed to the brim with culture and history. Take a trip to visit Bob Marley’s home, where he is buried alongside his mother and learn more about his life. Enjoy a rum runner in any one of the countless beach bars, or dive into the sweaty, rhythmic nightlife of Kingston as you sweat it all away in the infamous dancehalls. Enjoy some watersports or just let the water beat down on you at Dunns River and Falls park. Regardless of what you choose to do, there’s always a smiling face ready to help you should you need it. Go on, Jamaica’s waiting.


        Breakfast in Casablanca? That’s exactly what you can do if you choose to honeymoon in Morocco. A place where culture meets, you’ll most likely find yourself just spending hours in wandering the streets, in awe of the architecture. Morocco is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences which make it a very unique and interesting place. Shop to your heart’s desire at the many marketplaces selling ceramics, jewelry, metal lanterns and so much more. Guaranteed to be a trip like no other, you’ll be happy you went off the beaten path.


        South America is a place bursting with color, flavor and a tempo that instantly makes you feel at home. The people are welcoming and the land is beautiful and historic. While there is so much more to see and explore in surrounding Cusco, like admiring the breathtaking Sacred Valley, It would be wrong to not give due attention to the ultimate attraction of Peru- Machu Picchu. If you need just one reason to honeymoon here then let it be for the opportunity to stand atop the Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains and marvel at Machu Picchu.

        It will leave you breathless, and in awe of what people so long ago were able to achieve in such a difficult climate. Mountains and trails not for you? Well then, just stay in Lima, Peru’s coastal capital where you will have the best ceviche in the world. Come experience a country still true to its culture and heritage, and fall in love.

        Costa Rica

        I have dreams of retiring in Costa Rica, where I’d own a banana farm and live happily ever after with my ten children, two dogs, and one husband. But my personal dreams aside, Costa Rica is a wonderful honeymoon destination for the couple who enjoys nature. In spring when everything is in bloom, the colors are so vivid they look straight out of a coloring book. Maybe not the place for you if you absolutely hate humidity, but if you’re willing to forgive a little stickiness, you won’t be disappointed. Besides, you always have the option of swimming with elephants, yes, really.


        Don’t let the country’s name scare you, I mean yes, it is icy, but it’s also insanely beautiful. Iceland has a topography that feels out of this world. It has rolling hills of green, waterfalls, a bustling city life in the capital of Reykjavik where at least the beer will keep you warm. If you get a little too cold, you can just jump into the world famous blue lagoon and stay there until all the cold melts away.

        Imagine sitting holding hands in the hot water springs as the snow falls over you, and you’re not cold. The waiters will swim up to you with your drinks (you know you want to..) and your skin will thank you for all the minerals it absorbs from the lagoon. Iceland really is a land of fire and ice, and also a very environmentally friendly one. The entire country is run of geothermal energy! It’s a picturesque place worthy of your honeymoon.

        Probably the priciest trip here, but we were hoping you’d let that slide because it’s just that great.

        Any others I missed?