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        Elopements around the world

        Elopements…if you’re a romantic like me, then you know just how easily you can find yourself lost in the idea of some romantic whimsy. Some great declaration of love, where the only thing that matters is the two people declaring it. Literally. Imagine being so caught up in the moment that you don’t stop to think of all the people who will miss your big day and how upset they’ll be when they find out.

        Imagine being so present with the one you love that you’ll gladly deal with all those people when you get back. Picture being so true to your love that you very unashamedly don’t want to share it with anyone else. One word: eloping.

        There’s that moment that we all look for, the moment everything stops and we suddenly realize we’re in love. Songs, plays, movies, and books are written about it but often many of them still fail to truly capture the essence. I believe it can be the same with weddings, we all accept that they’re centered around love and we all go happily to help the lovebirds celebrate each other. But for the truly whimsical, the process of planning an entire event and thinking about it months in advance in an effort to curate every last detail, can begin to feel more daunting than exciting. You may start to feel like the event is starting to lose its essence. And for those couples, maybe eloping is just the thing for you.

        The pros

        You won’t have to lose sleep trying to figure out where you can put your great aunt Ann so she can be the least disruptive; or whether to plan a menu you appreciate (because it is your big day and you love ridiculously spicy Indian food) or tone it down to accommodate the vast majority of your guests. You won’t have to spend anything on a venue, decor, food or any of the costs associated with a traditional wedding. And all this non-spending will free you up to spend your money on something you will really appreciate, like the travel costs for your elopement. Where have you two always wanted to go, but could never really get around to it? This is the time. Book your flights, because you need to get there. Then, book your photographer, because you will want to capture this moment.


        Are there any cons?

        For all their not-so-great parts, traditional weddings have the benefit of offering you countless, free, potential photographers. All your guests most likely have a phone (or you know, a camera) and they will be competing for the best post of your wonderful moment. If you choose to elope, you forgo this perk and must thus make other arrangements. I highly recommend a professional photographer, not just for eloping but also for the traditional wedding.

        While the idea of everyone snapping countless images of you as you say ‘I do’ sounds useful, think about whether that’s really what you want them to be doing as you make arguably the most important pledge of your life. I think not. I’d even go so far as to instill a ‘no phones’ rule during the vows, it will make it so much more special for everyone present. Even more so if you elope, you don’t want to find yourself asking the officiator to whip out his iPhone while you exchange your vows. You really don’t.

        Call me, maybe.

        So on that note, I know a thing or two about shooting elopements and I’m willing to travel anywhere you need me to. In and around New York if you want to keep it local, or anywhere your heart desires if you have something more exotic in mind. Find out more about the special discount I’m currently running for elopements by sending a message to hello@bluesparkphotography.com and I’ll quickly get back to you with details.

        Hopefully, I get to capture your whimsical escape.

        Till next time.