TO MENU

        From the bride:

        On Christmas Eve of 2016, Manny was involved in a terrible car accident which resulted in his car being totaled and he had to visit the emergency room.  I was so distraught and concerned with his well being that I did not even think a proposal would happen.  The next morning, I drove to his parent’s house to celebrate Christmas day and he requested that we go to “our beach” to relax and appreciate the beautiful weather/day in light of the incident that occurred the day before.  Upon arrival, we walked to the lifeguard stand and took some pictures with the beautiful view. 

        Next thing I knew, he was on one knee proposing. But it didn’t stop there–he then walked to the side of the lifeguard stand and brought out a guitar (which I didn’t know he owned).  He had been learning to play the guitar for over a year for this day.  He played (and sang) one of our favorite songs.  Upon arriving back to his parent’s house, we had both of our families waiting to surprise us and celebrate the special day.

        “I watched her dance beneath the spinning lights and suddenly there were no more words for me to write. She was every poem I’d ever written come to life.”