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        Fairchild Gardens

        If you’re thinking about having your wedding in Florida, then you’re already a fan of the tropical climate that the region boasts. If you like a tropical climate then you love tropical plants. And if you love tropical plants then you’ll love Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. The garden, in South Florida, has an unparalleled dedication to native plant life, and walking through it feels like a slice of paradise. For the whimsical bride who wants to be transported somewhere exotic on her special day, this may just be the one.

        Not sure what kind of setting you want but also don’t want to be limited because you value having options? Well then you’re really going to love Fairchild Gardens. According to http://www.fairchildgarden.org, the venue offers three ceremony locations and four reception locations, with the ability to customize your very own special package. Regardless of which you choose, that they are all located in this wonderful botanical garden means that they each come built in with whimsical ambiance and breathtaking views.

        A Grand Entrance

        The Bailey Palm Glade is a gorgeous setting, overlooking both the Glade Lake and Royal Palm Lake. This is perfect for the bride who doesn’t want anybody to miss her big day. With its ability to accommodate up to 280 guests, nobody will have to. Regal Palms create a long, narrow view along the garden’s landscape, bringing your vision of paradise to life. Perhaps its most beautiful feature, are the limestone staircases leading past the lily pool. A path purposefully designed to give you an unforgettable entrance.

        The Historic amphitheater is for the bride with a flair for drama. Indulge your up to 350 guests with something to post about, as they enter through a land bridge. Watch their faces fill with wonder as you all take in the enchanting coconut tree grove that is your surroundings. A setting both intimate and extravagant, romantic and historic, this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

        Last, and by no means least, The Allee and overlook is the perfect option for the bride who values intimacy. Your private, close knit affair will see your 80 guests enjoy the tree lined overlook, and a magnificent key-hole vista overlooking Pandanus Lake. Treat them to panoramic views of the garden’s lowland areas and lakes, providing a striking contrast to the narrow Allee. Almost as striking as you in your dress, standing out from a world of greenery. Almost, but not quite.

        At Fairchild, it’s time to party

        For your reception choose between the peacefulness of the expansive manicured lawns and loggia of the Garden House, or the picturesque wonder of the white peak tents of the Lakeside Marquee. Take everyone’s breath away with the floor-to-ceiling views from the ‘Cedar and Gold’ decorated Glasshouse Cafe. If all of those are not for you, then maybe what you’ve been waiting for is the Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan Arts Center, whose combination of art, science and nature will leave you feeling inspired.

        Whatever your fancy, the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens are sure to have something for you, something as unique as you, and something for every budget and taste. The warm staff will make your wedding and reception the best that they possibly can, with an attention to detail worthy of your royal brideliness. You’ll want to experience it all over again. Picking a venue can be stressful, and it’s nice to find a place that makes it so easy. We love that they offer you so many different options, and we’ve loved capturing incredible moments at this gorgeous venue. Whichever location you choose, those pictures will be stunning. Guaranteed.