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        Wedding Day Saving

        Weddings are expensive, it’s one of those things we all just intrinsically know. Even backyard weddings, where you save costs on venue hire and associated costs, can still add up to something substantial when you factor in the unavoidable costs like decor, dress, food, drink etc. Throwing a great party, and your wedding is a giant party with a very selective guest list, takes a lot of planning and a quite a bit of money. Saving for your big day can be a truly overwhelming and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to offer tips and advice for wedding day saving that can help make your wedding’s financial timeline as smooth as a limed-up Corona on a hot summer afternoon.

        Knowledge is power

        The first step is to really get to know your finances. Most of us think we do, but until you sit down with a chart of your cash flow in front of you, it’s difficult to track just how much money you’re spending and how much of it is frivolous and actually hurting you in the long run. Having all your expenditures in front of you can help you look at your spending objectively, and some things can be very easy to fix.

        Maybe you’re spending an extra $80-100 a month on a cable subscription but you consume most of your content on Youtube. Maybe you have a shoe habit that you’ve let get out of control and you don’t know how to stop because that’s how you reward yourself for being so great at being you. I’m a huge advocate for rewarding yourself, but maybe now is a great time to discover new, less expensive ways of doing so.

        So maybe instead of shoes your rewards can become quiet meditation sessions where you focus on radiating gratitude for your wonderful life, or simply listening to your favorite song while wearing your favorite dress. I can never oversell a walk by yourself. It’s wonderful for your mind, your body and soul. And it’s absolutely free. Key take away here is keep track of your spending as well as your income and follow the golden rule: Always spend less than you make, and watch your savings swell.

        Plan plan plan

        The art of planning is the art of living without stress. Finances are one of the leading causes of stress, and planning ahead can help you to avoid this. It’s hard to plan for life because of how unpredictable it is, but for that reason, it’s always wise to have a safety net in your account. A great guideline is always to have at least three months living expenses tucked away. Should anything happen, you would have provided yourself with the gift of time. You’ll have three months in which you can completely freak out, then pull yourself together and figure out what you’re going to do. If you have to get a new job, you would’ve given yourself enough time to get through searching, applying and interviewing. Imagine just how much easier that otherwise very stressful period will be, all because you planned ahead. Planning is your friend.

        Wedding day saving is no easy feat sometimes, but if you aren’t able to save enough to have the wedding of your dreams, another option for you is a loan. Loans get a bad reputation but as with most things, research is key here. One of our favorites is earnest.com, which provide low-interest loans to be used for these kinds of milestones in your life.

        wedding day saving

        Research is key

        Thoroughly research terms and conditions, and then shop around for the most favorable repay interest rates. Once you get your loan, stay on top of your repayment plan. Have a calendar with all your dates marked, you don’t want to develop a poor payment history or run into late payment fees. Stay on top of it and you’ll be fine. Weddings, life, and coronas are expensive, but with our tips, you can celebrate every milestone without the burden of debt, or at least with the knowledge that you have a plan on exactly how you’re going to pay it all back.

        Happy wedding day saving,
        See you next time!