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        What is a First Look, and why should you consider it?

        Simply put, it’s when the couple sees each other before they exchange vows. It’s an intimate meeting between them, just as they are ready to start their wedding ceremony and celebration. Usually done alone, away from friends and family,  the first look is a very romantic and beautiful moment.

        Some couples prefer to keep it traditional and stay away from this “new” tradition. For these couples, there is still a way to get it done if they want photos taken during this time. They can just hold hands with their eyes closed or share an embrace without having to actually see each other.

        Whichever way you decide to go, just remember that having a first look won’t take away the magic of walking down the aisle to meet your future wife or husband at the altar. This is only the beginning of your journey together and first looks are perfect opportunities to shake away the nervousness and greet each other with love before you say- “I do”. It is, of course, an amazing photo opportunity as well since it’s such a heartfelt and intimate moment.

        Another reason why we usually recommend it is because the wedding day will go by fast. Taking care of these couple candids and portraits outside of the rush of the rest of the day makes for really gorgeous and intimate photos of this very first time you see each other before the ceremony.

        It is also important to remember that this day is yours, and yours only. You are deciding to share this special moment with your closest friends and family but the reason why you are here is your love for one another and that is something very intimate and precious. So, enjoy it.

        We’ll be happy to guide you through this process, add it to the wedding day timeline and answer any questions if you want to incorporate it into your images.