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        Your Wedding Day

        Wedding days are something else. You plan for months all the big and small details of how to celebrate this important day in your lives. You hire caterers, book a venue, style your tables and make sure the flowers are fresh. When it comes to choosing your photographer, it’s overwhelming to even think about it.

        We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. — @Artifact Uprising

        The main goal to hire a photographer is to capture images of this day that will escape your memory way too fast. A limited budget is a legitimate reason for skipping the professional photographer. After all, it’s very easy for a friend to take some photos with their digital cameras. But a smart camera doesn’t make a smart photographer. Just because your friend or relative may have a high-quality digital camera, doesn’t mean they are a good fit for your wedding. Oftentimes, to make them responsible for capturing these precious moments could turn against you.

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        But the technical issue is not nearly as half as important. Knowing how to use a camera or knowing how to adjust lighting won’t always yield the results you are looking for. Think of the vision that your photographer will bring to your wedding.

        A Photographer’s vision

        “I fell in love
        and then
        I became
        -Kamand Kojouri

        A wedding photographer is not just a trained professional who knows how to use a camera. If you choose wisely, you will hire an artist who will add value to your event and approach your wedding with an eye for detail, for the romance in every moment, for the most beautiful and flattering light. These will be priceless memories for many years to come.

        And while it is true that you will be paying more money for a professional wedding photographer, just remember that all the love that you have put into celebrating your union will remain in these images: beautiful tangible images that only a professional wedding photographer can provide.

        Once the wedding day has passed, you’ll have the kinds of images that will surely bring you back to this magical moment.