TO MENU

        From the couple…

        The jury is still out on who made the “first move”, as everything evolved pretty organically. Our first date was more like a hang out than it was a first date and we were both hesitant to jump into something right away. It was the day before Rachel was starting her new job and she was laying around in her apartment when Brendan texted her to meet him downtown. He encouraged her to get out of the house and enjoy the city before the work week. So she got dressed and met him at Economy Candy. Rachel has a sweet tooth, so it wasn’t hard to talk her into the idea. Brendan bought them some candy that they shared nearby and they continued to explore the area which brought them to Little Italy where Rachel enjoyed a plate of pasta and some wine. She told him “I love food. Keep feeding me, and I likely will stick around”. This became and inside joke for years. At the end of their first date, they parted ways without a kiss. This day was the beginning of everything. We have talked every day since.

        Congratulations, Rachel and Brendan. Their ceremony took place at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in the UWS in Manhattan, and their reception was held at the Sunset Terrace in Chelsea Piers.