TO MENU

        You could say Prav and Alyeah just had to find each other. You could say it was destiny.

        Alyeah is from New York of Guyanese descent and Prav is Australian of Sri Lankan descent. They were both living in London when they met and never thought that a few years later they’d be getting married in New York and moving to Melbourne, to start their lives together.

        They call each other their best friend and Prav describes Alyeah as the most beautiful, sweetest person he knows. She thinks of him as loving, smart and adventurous. Their engagement happened in London on the Millennium Bridge in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral with the help of their friend, Joel, who sang “Sky Full of Stars”. And the rest is history, as they say…

        I had the honor of photographing three days out of their week-long celebration, and here’s a summary of what went on.