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        Real weddings, y’all! Victoria and Raul’s wedding day was held at Epiphany Church, the Biltmore Hotel and Riviera Country Club. And just as she described her proposal story, it was perfect. Read on for more of this sweet love story!

        From the bride, on how the proposal happened:

        I was living in Philly for grad school. Raul would come visit often. We had talked about starting our lives in Miami after graduation and getting married, so it was surprise proposal but we had been talking about it for a few months at that point. On Monday night, Raul had dinner with my parents and told them he’d be proposing that weekend. My mom helped him with the specifics for the ring, and he was off to Philadelphia on Friday morning. We had a regular, lovely weekend, exploring Philly. Saturday he came to my apartment and we were discussing what we might do that day. Mid sentence, he took out a box and said he had one more trinket for me. We have a silly joke that any time any one of us goes on a trip, we bring the other back a trinket. Both of us travel often, and have both collected a good number of trinkets from all over the world. The idea is that it’s as impractical a gift as possible and we laugh at the absurdity every time. The day before he had given me a trinket from his trip to Dallas. A cute little cowboy hat box with horse earrings. Genius. I remembered he had been to Boston, and he hadn’t given me a Boston trinket. So I assumed this trinket had to be from Boston. I opened the box and was in total shock. It was beyond. A ring I hadn’t even told him I wanted. THE first thing I said was “what is this…..” We laughed and he proposed. We didn’t tell anyone until that evening, enjoying our little secret as we had lunch at our favorite spot in Philly and walked our favorite routes. It was perfect.