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        Today’s story comes along a beautiful piece by Valerie Hasson, one that describes this bride and the emotions, the moments before meeting the love of her life on her wedding day. At the end of this piece, some music inspiration to complete this out-of-this-world love story. The magic took place at the ever-so-gorgeous Miami Ancient Spanish Monastery. And by the way, find out why we love this venue here.

        She was made for adventure

        “Adorned in beautiful, white lace this bohemian bride was the definition of beauty, freedom, and grace. Her face glowed with an unearthly loveliness beneath her veil. Her lips were as soft as the rose petals that dropped before her feet. Succulent red and pale peach flowers were lovely distractions while counting away the hours when she would finally meet the man she longingly waited for. Without thought, she softly unhooked the net from her hair and affixed one of the blossoms to her locks that fell, gently entangling it into her bun like wild ivy. With each footstep, the wind blew her dress as she glided softly down the cobblestone path and made her way towards the entryway.

        The sun generously warmed her cheeks and freckled the tops of her shoulders. The candles flickered with delight as she passed each pillar, slipping into memories of being a little girl again. She felt alive and realized seconds were fleeting and the moment of her life was about to finally take place. In true spirit, her pace quickened to a sprint as she decided she couldn’t wait any longer. Listening to the beat of her own drum that played against the strings like a war she knew only one person could understand. Like a bird, she soared down the hallway with a majestic breeze following behind her. As she approached, she could hear the course of another’s footsteps stamping across the same path, with vigor and beat like no other.

        She knew she was made for adventure. As she grew closer she stopped, only for a moment, to hear her heart pounding like fireworks in the night. She started again, edging her way around the corner with one hand on her chest and the other tracing the brickwork on the walls. As she made her way, she discovered the sounds were coming from the shoes of her groom. He had met her at the top of the isle unwilling to wait any longer. Locking eyes, she leaped into his arms with a smile and they kissed for what seemed like a thousand years.”

        A million thanks to our wonderful team, for this collaboration.

        Planning: La Belle Boheme
        Makeup & Hair: Tati Perez
        Floral Design: Ever After 
        Bridal Dress: Oscar G Lopez
        Model: Marcia Jones
        Venue: Miami Ancient Spanish Monastery

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