TO MENU

        My favorite part about photographing weddings is getting to know so many great people. I love meeting couples in love who celebrate their union with their most loved ones. This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Jordan and Howard’s ceremony and reception at Deer Mountain Inn in Tannersville, NY.

        Before I arrived, I asked them to tell me more about their story, particularly how they met and how the proposal happened. Here I leave you with their words and some photos of their wedding day. Congratulations, lovebirds!

        How did you meet?

        Jordan is from Windham, NY and was attending graduate school in NYC. She was home for a weekend in February 2009 and decided to go to the Cave Mountain Brewery. Howard was there with Erich, Craig, and Keith. Jordan grew up with Craig and Keith so they were all hanging out together. When it was time to go home Craig mentioned that Howard, Erich and he were living in a house close to Jordan’s parents’ home. Therefore, they (meaning Howard) would drive her home.

        There it began, Jordan would bait Howard. Genevieve invited Howard to Jordan’s birthday a few weeks later and Jordan asked if Howard could see her room from his house. “We should play coffee can telephone” (Hint: here is my phone number call me). Next, Jordan and Genevieve ran a string from Jordan’s room to Howard’s to see if coffee can telephone would work (Hint: come hang out). Howard went for it: hook, line, and sinker <3

        Can you tell me how the proposal happened?

        We have been together for 6 years. Howard usually works on the weekends but on November 23, 2014, he decided to take the day off. I knew that he was up to something.  Howard insisted we go to lunch at Maggie’s Krooked Cafe in Tannersville and take a walk afterward on the Windham Path.   He took all day to muster up the courage to get down on one knee.  He finally proposed while walking on the path and I couldn’t stop crying and smiling. Afterward, we had dinner at the Deer Mountain Inn where our friends joined us. We decided after that we should just get married there too.