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        Bridal Suite Packing

        A wedding day is filled with anticipation and anxiety, and as a bride, you have a million things to think about. It’s easy to forget a few things you need to have in your bridal suite as you are getting ready. You can assign this task to your maid of honor, but be sure to make a packing list and check it twice!

        This is a list of things that as your photographer, I would like to have handy at the bridal suite to shoot for details but also things that would make your images look prettier and things that would make your bridesmaids happy!


        A great playlist: Definite must. You feel great and pampered all morning. You will marry the love of your life in the afternoon hours. Start the celebration with some feel-good tunes. Make sure you make a playlist beforehand so you are ready to press play when you get to the suite.

        Invitation suite: You don’t think you need to take these to your bridal suite. Chances are, they are beautiful pieces of art that you want to remember.

        Bouquets: Calling all flowers! Flower arrangements should be ready by this time and they are always beautiful to photograph. I take them on little adventures and shoot them outside in the balcony or somewhere nice. Make sure you have all your flowers!

        Vows: If you wrote your own vows, it’s always lovely to have an image of them. Even if they are on a napkin!

        Rings: Whether on the Bridal Suite or the Groom’s Suite, a detail of the rings is also an important detail.

        packing for bridal suite | BlueSpark Photography | NYC Wedding Photographer

        Nice to have

        Mimosa bar: There is usually some sort of alcohol at the Bridal Suite, however, having a bottle of champagne, some diced fruit and some orange juice to make mimosas, sounds extra amazing. Everyone can come to the mimosa bar and serve themselves with whatever they want to have. Make sure no one drinks more than they should,  though, you don’t want your bridesmaids falling on the floor as they walk down the aisle!

        Gifts for your bridesmaids: This one is optional, but if you have gifts for your bridesmaids, do it at the Bridal Suite, that way I get to photograph these little details and your bridesmaids with the gifts you gave them.

        Personalized hanger: The wedding dress is usually hanging somewhere. That is a fact. So you have to make it look pretty, with a personalized or at least a better-looking hanger than the plastic ones! There are tons of ideas on Etsy, check them out here.

        Bridal robe: You need a robe to get your hair and makeup done, might as well make this a photo opp. An embroidered robe is a nice touch, but also consider printed robes for you and your bridesmaids. You will all be comfortable and look amazing in all your pictures!

        Do not disturb bridal sign: This is more of a DIY fun project, and your bridesmaids or maid of honor can help. Just a cute addition to your suite.

        Speaking of the Groom Suite

        Grooms are usually a lot more simple and quick to photograph. But that doesn’t mean there are no details to shoot. The Groom and the groomsmen may have funky socks or cuff links given to them by you or someone special. All these little details are important, including the buttoniers and rings.

        And one last advice for the bridal suite… make sure to keep it as neat as possible. Especially when your photographer arrives, that way I can get to work right away and you won’t lose time in cleaning up a messy room!

        I hope this helps, and remember to ask me for further advice if you need it!