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        Print your photos

        Every day seems like the world moves towards a faster paced living lifestyle. There are 60,000 new apps created every month and there are countless ways to keep ourselves entertained. Hooked on the digital landscape. But what happened to that good old-fashioned way of living? Do you remember sitting down with your family around your living room and sharing prints of years, maybe decades ago? It’s these moments that we live for. When we can go back to those times and remember them as they were today.

        I always recommend my clients buying prints. Always. I myself have been working towards printing more of my own personal photos. If you think about it, when do you ever look at those photos when they are stored on your phone or computer? Maybe you post on Instagram and Facebook, get a few likes and the piles of new information swipe them away in minutes. When you print an image- a meaningful image, frame it or have it in a gorgeous glass or wooden box as a coffee table display, it’s there. Always there for you to look at.

        Specifically for weddings, there is a lot going on. I get it. But when you book us to photograph your wedding, you want to make the best out of this lifetime investment and there is no better way than to print and showcase your images, and I can guarantee 100% it will elevate your portrait investment to the status of art, transforming your walls into a gallery to be experienced and enjoyed daily.

        But what, how, when…help! Here are some tips to get started:

        1) Buy prints/frames/albums at the time of booking to save money.

        Collections are created to bundle products and services and make it more cost-effective for you to get a complete package.

        Wedding Photography | Bluespark Weddings | Prints + Albums

        2) Use your wedding images to make Thank You prints for your guests

        We offer a beautiful selection of simple, modern yet gorgeous Thank You cards.

        3) Buy yourself an album, gift your parents an album.

        Whether they were involved in the planning process or not, parents are always grateful to receive a collection of images from their loved ones. We carry coffee table album options that are great for you and photo books at an affordable price to get in bulk (for 2 sets of parents or more).

        Wedding Photography | Bluespark Weddings | Prints + Albums

        4) Frames, frames, frames.

        Your images make your home truly yours. We can help guide you into creating gorgeous arrangements with a curated selection of images to display and add to your walls.

        Wedding Photography | Bluespark Weddings | Prints + Albums

        5) Box of prints.

        Simple, elegant and really affordable. We now offer glass/metal boxes and wood boxes to store up to 100 images from your wedding. Truly an heirloom to generations to come.

        As always, we are here with you every step of the way so please don’t hesitate in reaching out if you need help in curating your images, choosing products, etc.

        See ya next time!