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        Photography on your Wedding Day

        Food will be devoured, your flowers will wilt and your gown might yellow with time. Fortunately, wedding photography is designed to last a lifetime, or even longer if photos are preserved properly.

        Resist the urge to book anyone just because they are available and make sure to ask the right questions when looking to hire a specific photography company. These are some of the vital questions to ask before signing the dotted line!

        1. Do you have my wedding date available?

        Before spending time getting to know them, the first thing to know is if they are available on your wedding day. Photographers are usually booked months, even a year in advance, so booking one as soon as you feel comfortable with the one you found is vital.

        2. What kind of photography products do you offer?

        What do you want to do with your images? Do you want prints? Albums? Cards? Having a photography company that offers all these products will make your life much, much easier.

        3. Can I see your portfolio?

        Seeing your photographer’s portfolio is probably the first thing you did, the reason why you are contacting them. But if you haven’t seen it, make sure to ask to see it, in their portfolio you will get a feel for their style and how they do their post-production.

        4. Do you have any reviews or references I can read?

        It is important that you read reviews or references that can tell you how happy previous clients have been with your photographer. From the connection that the photographer had with their clients to response times, to creativity, etc, you will be able to know from another bride’s perspective what it was like to work with this photographer.

        5. Can we receive a written contract?

        Being professional is a must in this case. A contract ensures that you are both covered and misunderstandings are out of the question. A legal contract is binding for both of you and will give you peace of mind.

        6. When will I see my photos?

        It is important to know turnaround times because you will be anxious to see your images and/or other products you purchased.

        7. Do you have a backup plan if you or your scheduled photographers are unable to make it to my wedding?

        Adversities happen. How would your photographer be able to handle it if they were unable to make it to your wedding? Do they have backup plans? Are they qualified to deliver the same quality of images that you hired them for?

        8. Do you have liability insurance?

        Some venues require photographers to carry liability insurance, and even if they didn’t it’s important to know if your photographer is covered. Safety first!

        9. Is it ok if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?

        Your photographer might absolutely tell you yes, however, you should know that you can make their life and job easier if you decide to have an unplugged wedding.