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        Unplugged Weddings: Not an MTV show.

        The concept of unplugged weddings is getting a lot more popular these days. This is unfortunately because of couples who had their wedding images ruined. Awareness of this issue is the most important step and you can take control of your wedding and make sure the money you paid for having a wedding photographer and/or videographer is worth it.

        What is it anyway?

        Unplugged weddings are events in which the use of phones and professional cameras is not allowed. This restriction guarantees your photos won’t be ruined by a guest. You hired a professional photographer whose job is to photograph your wedding.

        Why do you want it?

        There are a number of reasons why you would not want to have guests take pictures during your wedding. The main reason (and most important one) is because guests can interrupt a ceremony. They are unpredictable and might get in front of your photographer, ruining an otherwise amazing image. Your guests won’t get to enjoy your ceremony since they will be busy photographing images of everything that happens during the event.

        You can set the rules on how much you want them to snap pictures or not. You can let guests know they can’t get up from their assigned seat during the ceremony. During Processional and Recessional, guests must keep their phones and cameras to themselves. They must allow the photographer to capture this moment and not step in the isle blocking the photographer’s view.

        How to achieve it

        An easy way to let your guests know about your request is for the officiant to mention it. However, you are running the risk of not having everyone paying attention and possibly already bringing their camera with them. If they already have their cameras, the temptation of snapping a few shots will be irresistible. You can also send a separate card with your wedding invitations. Request to leave cameras at home and to refrain from taking pictures of the bride and groom. Advice guests to stay out of the way of the professional photographer you already hired. You can also create a sign and display at the entrance of the ceremony and then move it to the reception area.

        What’s in it for the guests?

        Number one reason for your guests to snap pictures during the wedding is to keep the memory of that day and share some of the current happenings on social media. However, you can also let them know that you will happily share the gallery of the full wedding once your photographer sends it over. We do personalized cards that we can place next to your sign-in book so they know where to look for the wedding images in a few days.

        And remember, this is a very logical request and your guests will understand if you ask them nicely. It is your wedding day and you don’t want to take the risk of not getting the amazing images that you have already paid for.