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        Spanish Monastery

        If you’ve always wanted to get married in a church full of culture and history, then this article is for you! The Spanish Monastery, originally built in Spain and now in North Miami Beach, Florida, is a place of wonder. With a captivating history that begins in the year 1141 AD and spans both centuries and continents, it’s no wonder the monastery is so highly celebrated. Today, the ancient monastery is celebrating 884 years of history, but the years have done nothing to dull the building’s beauty.

        Walking through the high arches, the stone walls and the stained glass windows, it’s hard not to lose your breath, even if only for a second. The old building teases all of its history at every corner. As you move through the long hallways you can almost imagine all the feet that have passed there before you, all the lovers that have stood in the gorgeous church full of their loved ones and said ‘I do.’

        You can picture all the brides that have taken their most important pictures in the beautiful gardens, white dresses standing out against the greenery. If you love history and tradition, and the idea of getting married in the place that has been blessed for centuries by the love of countless couples that have done so before you, then you will fall in love yet again at this venue.

        spanish monastery

        ‘The Gardens and Chapel of the Ancient Spanish Monastery offer a traditional setting for your most sacred celebration. ’

        The official Ancient Spanish Monastery website couldn’t have put it better if they tried. There are so many options, you’ll probably really have to think about it. If your dream is to get married in a church, then the Chapel wedding is for you. The Main Chapel seats up to 150 guests, the Chapter House seats up to 80 guests. The French Altar is for the truly private couple as it only seats 10 guests in a very intimate setting.

        If you’d like to enjoy the extensive grounds, the property boasts 20 acres of rare palms, Spanish oaks, cycads, banyans, flowering trees, and much more. Again, you have so many options! There are five outdoor spaces for weddings: The Loggia, Prayer Well, Banyan Tree, Saviour Garden, and St. John Garden. The Gardens can accommodate up to 300 guests, so feel free to invite everyone!

        Whatever you choose, you can take comfort in knowing that you can do everything at the Monastery. Wedding, pictures, cocktail hour and reception. All in one place. Have your reception in a banquet style fit for your favorite Game of Thrones character in the Cloisters (the covered passageways that surround an open courtyard). Not for you? No worries, you can opt to have your reception in either the Loggia or the Gardens. The Monastery allows you to bring your own team, so you can create an event space that is your own.

        My take on it

        I’ve had the great pleasure of shooting here before, and the venue is certainly one of my favorites. The ancient feel gives every photo a sense of whimsy and artistry that’s truly unique. I’m looking forward to the next wedding I capture there, will it be yours?