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        Did someone say Viceroy?

        Viceroy is the place to be. We all love destination weddings and it’s no wonder. Proclaiming your love in front of family and close friends in a far away location are easy to sell. It’s a vacation in paradise and the best day of your life all wrapped into one. More and more brides are fulfilling their wanderlust dreams, and if you’re one of them then you’re about to love us even more because we have the just perfect venue for you.

        Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Barbados is the sovereign island country of St Lucia. On the southwest coast of the island is the white sand Sugar Beach, home to the gorgeous Viceroy Resort. The luxury resort and hotel are set within over 100 acres of pristine rain forest on the site of an 18th Century sugar plantation. Not only that, the resort’s location falls within the Pistons, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site.

        Island Living

        Everything about Viceroy Resort screams love, exclusivity, and escape. White sand, blue sky, curtains swaying gently from that Caribbean Ocean breeze. If you wish to pamper yourself on arguably the most memorable day of your life, then you’ll find it hard to find a better place than this. Choose between the luxury guestrooms, villas, beachfront bungalows or the multiple bedroom villa residences that allow you and your party to experience the lush getaway together. The views from this property are breathtaking, from every angle. The kind of views you want all around you as you celebrate your wedding. The kind of views that last forever in your heart and mind, and in your wedding coffee table book.

        The staff at Viceroy Resort take the business of your island getaway wedding very seriously, and if you need any evidence of this, all you have to do is make a trip to the spa. Allow the lush foliage and soaring mountain vistas of Val des Pitons to serve as the backdrop to your relaxation, the reason that sounds easy to do is that it is. Everything about this resort is designed to help you relax, stop and smell the roses. With that kind of zen, your bridal glow will be at its optimum and who doesn’t want that?

        Culture and more…

        Get lost on the island and take all the scenery from your balcony. Dive into the decadent Caribbean culture as you take your taste buds on their own adventure at any of the resort’s three restaurants, two bars, and single lounge. Feeling lazy? Take advantage of the dining service, whether in your room, on the beach or anywhere on the island. Seriously. They’ll be plenty of opportunities to be famished at random parts of the island as you and your guests take advantage of the available activities.

        Ever wanted to ride a bike on the ocean? Well at Viceroy resort you can do just that atop their famous Schiller water bikes. Go snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving…are you booking your flights yet?! Not adventurous? Go for a walk, even something simple will leave you inspired in a place as beautiful as this. Don’t just take our word for it, check them out for yourself at the Resort’s site. You will not be disappointed.

        Yes, destination weddings take time to plan and dedication to get just right, but name one great thing that doesn’t. If the vision for your big day includes an island belonging to both the Atlantic and Caribbean, you’re in luck. Take the time, do your research, plan it out and then go live out your fantasy. The pictures from your St Lucia wedding will stand the test of time, and transport you back to when you tied the knot in paradise.

        Did we mention we travel to this destination? Contact us for details.