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        You’ve arrived at Walton House.

        You’ve done the hard part, you’ve found the one you want to spend forever with. But now you need to choose your forever place, your wedding venue. The place that will accompany the memories of your most special day, forever. With all the gorgeous wedding venues across the country, you could choose from, we’re not judging you for feeling a little overwhelmed. In fact, we’re here to help. We’re about to help you make that short list even shorter. Meet Walton House.

        Charm. Style.

        Imagine the charming, historic style that English cottages are known for, surrounded by the vibrant tropical splendor of Florida. At Walton House in Homestead, Fl, you don’t have to imagine. Outside, the greenery overpowers everything, all five acres of botanical garden of it. Take a stroll and indulge in the sensory feast, get lost in it, there isn’t a place you can find that isn’t Instagram worthy. Start at the coral rock swimming pool with cascading waterfall, letting the realization that you really are in paradise slowly wash over you. Next, to the large lagoon with white swans and Japanese koi, and sunken pond with a waterfall. At the heart of this tropical wonderland is the Indonesian-style Chikee hut with an expansive deck right next to the lagoon. It’s hard to miss, which is just as well because it is a must-see. And when you’ve had your fill of the tropical paradise, say goodbye to all the exotic friends you just made. The property boasts an impressive collection of flamingos, parrots, macaws, giant tortoises, and monkeys, just to name a few.

        Need a break?

        Need to go somewhere and sit down and take it all in, drink in hand? Well, all you have to do is turn your sites to the true star, Walton House itself. The gorgeous historic structure can only be described as the quintessential English cottage, with its wood frame and stucco exterior. It stands proud and different from all the neighboring residences, a classic beauty in a sea of modern style, with all the charm to match. According to https://historicwaltonhouse.com/, the beauty was built in 1917 by W.K Walton. It is as breathtaking now, as we can only imagine it was then. Inside, every room is dripping with as much charm as you would have hoped, making you feel both at home and in a dream. The expert use of space, the perfect balance of luxury and coziness, makes this the ideal wedding venue. The sweet, subtle touches in the antique bridal suite will leave you breathless. What’s more, it’s yours for the entire day, from 9 am until the end of your reception.

        The house serves a number of different functions, as a private venue for parties and photoshoots, but it’s no surprise that it marries itself so well to weddings. It can house up to 150 guests, the 100 candle lit lanterns and 4000 bistro lights acting as witnesses as you all dance the night away. The only complaint you’ll have is that you can’t spend the night at the wonderful venue, but you won’t complain for long. Getting to and from the historic Walton House is a breeze, the property is conveniently located just thirty minutes south of Miami International Airport and forty minutes from South Beach. So there is absolutely no reason not to keep the party going.

        When it’s all done…

        Perhaps most important, is the promise this venue offers, not just on your wedding day but long after. Long after the dust from your dancing shoes has settled, and all your guests have gone home. When you reach for that wedding book, you’ll relive all the wonder captured in every image in this enchanting place. You’ll travel back to the European style horse stable. Or perhaps back to the English flower garden, where even surrounded by all flowers, your dress still stole the shot. Pictures are forever, and you’ll want to take yours here. This venue promises to deliver all the wonder worthy of your big day.