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        Master the Timeline

        First, comes love, then comes the wedding. But planning this event isn’t just about choosing pretty things that go well together, or making sure the food tastes great. The whole event must flow from beginning to end, which is why creating a timeline for the wedding day is so vital.

        When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.
        -William Shakespeare

        Bluespark Photography | timeline and lighting for wedding photography

        Just as important as it is to book a venue and all the vendors involved in a wedding celebration, it is of vital importance to create a timeline of the wedding day and think of it in terms of photography as well.

        It’s crucial to have specific times set for different moments in which the photographer needs to do a bit more extensive work. For instance, you need to allow enough time for portraits while you are getting ready. Also, your photographer needs to shoot your reception details and it is essential that this room is ready on time. Make sure to talk to your photographer in advance and figure out a wedding day timeline with your planner as well.

        But a timeline is not the only factor to keep in mind to achieve great photography.

        Location location location

        Choosing a great location is one of the most important pieces of setting your wedding ceremony and reception. The backdrop you select will set the stage for the entire day and will be an essential piece of every shot, pose and, ultimately, the finished product.

        Find the light

        Set your wedding ceremony as close to daylight as possible, and add some candles for warmth. Don’t underestimate how much more beautiful your wedding images will come out in this beautiful light. Outdoor spaces with shade provide beautiful, flattering light that will make a difference.


        Always remember that the photos you want for your wedding will reflect the style, decor, and lighting that you chose for your celebration. Every single piece plays a part in achieving wonderful images.