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        Groom Guide

        Wedding planning has traditionally been associated with brides. Groom proposes, Bride plans the big day. In most cases, Brides have a clearer vision of what they want their wedding day to look like. However, there is an increasing number of grooms who are getting involved in the planning process. It is no longer just the day to show up and do things as told. Thankfully, there are also a growing number of tools that help grooms make informed decisions and be an integral part of making this the best day ever!

        Wedding Guide for the Groom

        One of the amazing tools out there for more involvement is The Black Tux. The suit and tuxedo rental company that delivers right to your door. We recently shared their amazing Style Guide on the blog and today we want to talk about the next step in Groom’s advice from the cool company. They just came out with a Wedding Guide just for grooms.

        Wedding Guide, for the Groom

        The super handy guide includes easy to read tips on different aspects of a wedding.

        From choosing your best man (literally, the “best man” not to screw up your wedding) to figuring out your first dance (nothing choreographed, please) and how to wear a tux without looking like an uncomfortable butler, The Groom’s Guide gives grooms and groomsmen the tools they need to make their wedding one of the best days of their lives and look damn good while doing it.

        -The Black Tux

        The guide includes tips and advice on General Planning, the Ceremony, Reception, the Style Guide and an addition of a Groomsmen’s Guide so all the guys in your party know what’s up. It comes in digital form, perfect for the groom that’s on-the-go. And guess what, there’s also a sleek, printed, the hardcover version available for purchase on Amazon at a nice price. Sweet.

        Highly recommended stuff, guys. Easy to read and most of all, will prepare you to wow your bride in more ways than one!