TO MENU

        Why do we toast at weddings? This is why. So much love, so much happiness and a true celebration of union. You may have seen Astrid and Manny’s engagement session before, but here’s a bit more about this lovely couple.

        How did you meet? Manny was in his second year of law school and I was one month into my first year.  We met at a happy hour that our friend’s dragged us to.  Manny sparked some small talk but I did not appear to be interested at the moment.  The next day, he found out I was going to be at a school-sponsored event and made sure to be there.  We talked all night and have been together ever since! Five years and counting 🙂

        Bride, how would you describe your groom? Ambitious, handsome, determined, loving.
        Groom, how would you describe your bride? Beautiful, loyal, smart, hardworking.

        Wishing you a life full of adventures, congratulations lovebirds!!