meet DIANA

Based in Brooklyn, often traveling. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and somewhere between school and life, I fell in love with photography. This background in creative arts allowed me to transition into photography seamlessly.

I have traveled with my work to Australia, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, the Caribbean, Colombia, and all around the US. My work has been featured both in wedding magazines like Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, and Ruffled, and my event/commercial work in publications like Vogue, Haute Living, and Cultured Mag among others.

I keep my style and approach fresh by exploring personal projects and working with clients outside of the wedding industry to bring a new perspective and help my work evolve. 

Photo by Kat de Barros
so HERE’S the THING you need to KNOW

Elegance and aesthetics are at the core of what I doI see myself as an avid observer, drawing inspiration from life itself. The little details hold immense significance to me. I am passionate about telling life and love stories, catching fleeting moments and the things that make people unique and beautiful. I’m inspired by romance, the sound of a good old vinyl record, spending time with my pup and the simple pleasures in life.

My photography is uncomplicated, unpretentious, and honest. I have a soft spot for photographs that evoke emotion and the in-between moments that make us so human and real. I work mostly with digital equipment and occasionally add 35mm and 120mm film equipment, depending on the project.





This is sweet pup.

I’m also a yoga teacher.



I love to spend time in nature.


I’m plant based for the animals. 

Baths and naps are my form of self care.


the HEART behind the photos

Photography is storytelling. It helps our human minds remember our stories, our places, and our people. It reminds us of the things that we celebrate, the things that we hold close to our hearts and the deepest love that fills our days.

It is the safe keeper of memory. Seeing old photos can make the heart skip a beat, burst into laughter, or tear up as we go back in time. Photography is the tangible vault of memories that is able to live beyond our own lifetime. 

Wedding and Portrait Photography in New York City and beyond

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