Client Testimonials

Real clients, real weddings. It fills my heart to know that these couples are happy with the experience of working with us and that they have a collection of images that they will love for a lifetime. 

These are some of the things they’ve said about their experience with us.

I hired Diana to handle the photography at my wedding near Melbourne, Australia. She was an integral part of the day and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any couple looking for a photographer for their destination wedding. Diana is a very talented artist, and passionate about what she does. Her eye for detail is exceptional and it shows through her work! I could not be more thrilled about the photos she took at my wedding. Equally as important as the quality of Diana’s photos, however, is her professionalism, and I cannot speak highly enough about her in this aspect. From the moment we hired her, she managed everything related to our photography seamlessly. Throughout the wedding night (as I was inevitably so nervous I forgot pretty much everything), she was great at coaching me through things like the cake cutting and bouquet toss so she could get the best shots. We had a limited amount of time to take photos after the ceremony, and she made sure the formal shots ran smoothly and on time. Thanks so much for being a part of our day, Diana!

There’s too much good to say about Diana. As a person, she exudes calm and acceptance. Everyone feels comfortable in her presence. She’s timely, communicative, and responsive. And to me, she’s become a lovely friend. As a photographer, she has an exceptional skill for letting the scene (in my case, my wedding day) unfold without interruption and without pulling you out of the moment. The way she photographs doesn’t add stress; she doesn’t interrupt soft moments, doesn’t over-direct and cause awkwardness or discomfort… She has an uncanny ability to capture every tender, intimate moment without you even knowing she was there seeing it through her lens. She really only steps in to assist with posing or direction when she knows her subject is looking for it but doesn’t know how to ask for it – talk about intuition! She captures the day as it happens, and even in editing, her photos reflect that beauty. One of the things that initially drew me to her photography was that she doesn’t use extreme filters or overly dramatic lighting to convey significance. The simple way she frames a photo does that by itself. I’ve been lucky to have her as a photographer twice, and I can’t wait for her to capture all of our family’s life moments to come. I recommend her wholeheartedly. She’s a joy to work with, and the photos you take away from the experience will be treasures for generations.

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Diana was an absolute dream from first meet to the very end – we are honestly sad that we don’t have an excuse to talk to her every day!!!!!

From the start, she was clear, organized and so amenable to working within our budget while still achieving our goals in terms of vibe and timing of our wedding day. She generously met with me at my venue for a walk through before the big day to discuss where we’d shoot. She sent a questionnaire that made the process so easy and most importantly, we felt SO COMFORTABLE with her on our wedding day. Her energy is exactly what you want on your day; super chill, happy vibes, but gets it all done. She’s willing to roll with the punches and flex as needed. Not to mention, her second hand was equally as delightful to work with. We literally wanted them both to stay for the after party to hang with us.

The most major moment though – the photos. She turned around our photos SO QUICKLY and sent us highlights the night of!!! The photography she captured was out of this world, we’ll be able to relive this special day again and again thanks to her. I felt so beautiful, she totally captured the essence of our day, our friends, our family, and the whole ambiance. I’ve also seen her other work and each feels SO UNIQUE to the wedding and the vibe of the couple. We were blown away with our photos.

I cannot recommend Diana highly enough. I can only sing her praises and hope for another opportunity to work with her again. Book Diana!!!!!


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We could not have been happier with Diana’s work for our wedding, including our engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day. She and Stephanie did an outstanding job capturing a very special occasion for us, with photos we will cherish forever. My wife and I are not the most photo-happy people so we really wanted someone who would capture a lot of candid moments and make the composed shots less burdensome. Diana and Stephanie more than rose to the challenge and gave us pictures that feel like an accurate and loving reflection of our relationship. I really cannot recommend BlueSpark highly enough, there is nothing about the experience I would change.


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Simply put, Diana is the photographer you need for your upcoming wedding. She did our engagement shoot and 17-hour (!!) wedding over the course of two days. Here are the reasons why we LOVED working with her:

1) Her artistry. Diana produces, hands down, some of the most beautiful, emotional photographs I have ever seen. She has a true eye for capturing intimate moments, intricate details, a knowing smile, a look of love. I have been there, in these moments, and am still in awe of how she captures fleeting looks in such elegant preciseness. This is by far the biggest reason why I loved working with her.

2) Her ability to be invisible when needed and directive when needed. When we were doing formals and couples shots, Diana was directive and vocal to get us, our family, and bridal party into the right poses and organization. I actually especially saw this when we were doing the engagement shoot. You’re just two people, you show up, and then what? haha – well, no fear – Diana has all of these prompts and ideas to get the romance and laughter flowing and soon you forget she is even there! Back to wedding day, though, Diana and team are also invisible when need be – for example, capturing moments like your ceremony, your interaction with guests, dancing, etc.

3) Her professionalism. Throughout our entire weekend of events, Diana was always focused on her photography. Whether taking photos, directing us, planning for a shot, she was always focused on the work and never wasted a single second of our very jam-packed day. I know this may sound silly, but your wedding day is busy! You want to work with vendors who respect your time and the sanctity of the day.

4) Her punctual nature. I’m pretty sure Diana lives by ‘if you’re early, you’re on time, and if you’re on time, you’re late’. She was early to our engagement shoot and wedding events! Going back to the last point, she truly is a professional and she respects you and your time. These are big moments and every second matters.

5) Her grace and fortitude. We had 17 hours of photography during our two-day wedding weekend! 17! Diana executed with grace and fortitude. I am sure it must have been tiring, but I couldn’t tell at all – Diana was always energetic and had her eye on the prize.

6) Her ability to capture multi-cultural events. My husband and I had a unique, multi-cultural wedding (Sangeet, followed by wedding day, which consisted of Hindu Ceremony in morning and Civil Ceremony in afternoon, followed by cocktail hour and reception). Diana was very open to learning about all the important traditions we wanted captured. And capture she did – we are so happy that all of our requested moments are reflected in the photos.

7) Her quick delivery of finished photos. Diana’s turnaround is wicked fast. We received our full Sangeet album in 3 days after the event! Crazy! For our engagement shoot, she delivered it one day later!

8) Her responsiveness. If we ever had any question, Diana always got back to us in a timely manner and was always happy to help.

We highly recommend Diana, and personally cannot wait to hire her down the line for other big moments in our life. Thank you, Diana!


If you are tired of researching photographers, just cannot choose, don’t know who to go with- STOP NOW! Diana is your girl! Words simply cannot describe how I feel when I look at our wedding photos- Diana was absolutely phenomenal. I had been following Diana on Instagram for some time because I loved her style and I found the weddings she shot to be inspiring. So when our prior photographer fell through, I knew I needed to contact Diana. She connected with me within hours and she was an absolute dream. She asked all the right questions, was very patient and well prepared. She was flexible but gave great advice. This was all before the big day. At our wedding, Diana was an angel. She was timely, professional and inspiring. She was also assertive when needed to handle a crowd, but virtually non-existent the rest of the time. I seriously cannot remember half the shots she captured (all of which were STUNNING). We received a sneak peek within 72 hours and our final photo gallery in just over one week. So fast that my husband and I were still re-living the memories. Having our photos so soon and having such beautiful photographs brought tears to my eyes all over again. Our wedding was an absolute dream. So full of love and emotion. Diana captured exactly that. I can remember the thoughts I was having when she took some of the photos and that brings so much joy to our hearts. Finally, Diana will not put you in awkward funky poses. She will take what inspires her in the two of you and bring that passion and love out of the moment. She’s an artist and I cannot say enough things about her. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! We are so honored.


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There is wedding photography and then there is creative and caring intuition that seeks out the special moments you didn’t even know you had. Diana Zapata at BlueSpark Photography is the latter – and so much more. When Diana shot a “Just Because” lovey couples shoot shortly after my partner and I began dating, I knew that if the day came (and of course I hoped it would :)) then I knew there was no other photographer for our special day. All sorts of silly insecurities can crop up when a camera is pointed at you, but Diana has a calming effect on her couples where they simply have no choice but to be present and react and feel joy in their partner’s company. As for quality of work, the proof is ubiquitous – just peek through a gallery or two. You’ll see there’s no shortage of attention to detail, variety in what’s captured and intuition in movement and moments. Our final gallery walks us through the tiniest detail to a panorama to a beautiful candid moment that we would have only had vaguely in our memory banks if not for her intuition and talent. She was also very instrumental in our planning process and was always willing to weigh in on our timeline and various decisions. Her small suggestions, rooted in many years of experience, helped to make for a seamless wedding day. It’s also clear to me that her experience has taught her extraordinary technique – to seek to achieve certain lighting, for example, and far exceed expectations. There were so many moments at our wedding where we wondered what on earth she saw and how and where she came from to capture what she did. She’s a true artist in her trade and what’s more, she’s one of the kindest people we have ever met. It was a joy to have her as a part of our special day and it’s a joy to know her personally. We have true keepsakes that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.


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Diana did the most incredible job photographing our wedding! She came highly recommended by a friend of ours who does freelance wedding design work and wow, did that recommendation pay off! Diana actually photographed our proposal first and then our wedding a year later. Both times, we were just blown away by the images she had captured.

She is incredibly thoughtful and detail-oriented, not to mention crazy fast with her editing! Diana let us know she was traveling to Portugal for her sister’s wedding right after ours…and we still got our photos back within 2 weeks! I also appreciated how much leg work Diana put into photographing our wedding. She took the time to check out our venue in advance, even though it’s 2.5 hours outside the city, and came back with a bunch of ideas for which areas of the venue would provide the best backdrops for our photos. She also took the time to understand not only our timeline of the day, but also which photos were most important to us.

On the day of the wedding, she and her assistant showed up exactly on time and Diana did a great job of keeping us organized and on track even though we had quite a large wedding party. She is exactly the kind of personality you want around on your wedding day. She absolutely knew her stuff and had a plan, but was also so sweet and calm that it made taking photos one of the most fun and relaxing parts of the day.

When we got our photos back, we spent hours poring over them and got to relive all our favorite moments. In particular, Diana really has a way with candid shots and got so many great ones of both us and our guests! I was blown away by how natural all the photos looked, from the poses to the editing and coloring. They really captured what we wanted to remember from the day, and it just goes to show how much of an effort Diana makes in getting to know her clients. We love you, Diana, and thank you for everything!!


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My experience with BlueSpark was amazing from beginning to end. I booked them for my engagement shoot, and my husband and I were so in love with our shoot, that we booked them for our destination wedding in Santorini, Greece! Diana is so down to earth and makes you feel really comfortable while shooting. My husband hates taking pictures, but he really enjoyed our shoots because everything flowed naturally.

I would HIGHLY recommend BlueSpark Photography. Our pictures came out beautiful. People said that our wedding photos look like they belong on the cover of a travel or wedding magazine. My coworker and my husband’s coworker both booked Diana and team for their weddings. BlueSpark photography will be my go to photographer for all life events!


Diana is the most incredible person and photographer! We felt so comfortable with her for our engagement shoot and for our whole wedding weekend. Having Diana was the best decision we made. We are so thrilled with how all of the photos came out and it’s so special that they captured the feelings and emotions of our day so perfectly. We love Diana’s natural, authentic style and would highly recommend her! She brought an assistant photographer who was also the sweetest and captured amazing photos from different angles. We plan to use Diana for other photo shoots in our future!!


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Diana is the best!! Her easy & calm personality makes you feel relaxed on your wedding day, which is the biggest bonus. Her entire team adapts this attitude and ensures you feel comfortable throughout the entire day, as photos can be tiring!

She also ensures that not only you and your partner feel calm & comfortable, but that your guests do too. Everyone was able to be themselves as the photos were taken.

Her style of photography is just beautiful – really captures the moment in a way that does not look forced. It’s like art. I truly felt like the essence of my wedding day shines through in the photos. I couldn’t be happier with the end result! Thank you thank you!


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After working with Diana (BlueSpark Photography) three times, I can safely say that she is the sweetest, most soft-spoken, professional, and understanding person I’ve ever worked with. She is open-minded, will listen to all of your concerns, and will give you all of the photos you’re hoping for. In fact, she will give you everything you want and more. We did not end up using Diana for our wedding at the Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables, but that was the biggest mistake we made throughout the entire wedding process. I still regret not using BlueSpark Photography for the most important day of our lives. For this reason, I chose Diana to shoot my boudoir session, bridal shower, and bridal portrait session (following our wedding). She gently coached me through each shoot in order to get all of the photos to look naturally candid, while still giving me the “glamour shots” I was desperate for. In other words, she captures moments of laughter, while still providing perfectly posed photos. With each shoot, Diana e-mailed the full gallery of my photos within less than two days and every single photo was gorgeous. I cannot wait to continue using Diana to capture more special moments in my life.


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Where to begin? Diana is simply an artist. She shines her passion and heart through her photos. I found her after working with our wedding planner and searching online. I am also a photographer and was turned off by a lot of other photographers who embellished moments with blown out highlights or ridiculous, posed subjects. I wanted beauty through truth, color, and light. BlueSpark is more than that. I loved her bio online and enjoyed her sample work. It was packed with the “small moments” of love, not the cliche tropes that we are told matter but really don’t. We hired her immediately. My wife said “she sounds like someone I want to hang out with!” which meant I had done a good job. After all, they would be hanging out all day! Believe it or not, we didn’t meet Diana or really even communicate much until the big day outside of a simple survey. When I met her it was already time for the first look. In one second I knew she was good—not just a good photographer, but person. I loved her style and flow. She said “if you’re even wondering if it would make a good photo, just go get it.” The end result speaks for itself. She captured every moment. Words just cannot capture our gratitude.


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Diana’s work is amazing, and I am so in love with the photos she captured of my wedding. I had a fall wedding in the Smoky Mountains so I knew I wanted my photos to show the warm colors during this time of the year. Diana’s style is full of rich color, yet classic. She had photographed my friend’s wedding in the Florida Keys, and I couldn’t stop looking at her photos because they were stunning, so I knew I had to hire her. Unlike many others you will find who will lighten or add a dark moody filter to your photos, Diana’s work doesn’t need that, nor it should. Her style is very natural and she captured some incredible candid photos of my husband and I. You will be obsessed with your photos afterward!


Diana was truly amazing. From the start, she was extremely personable and responsive. Her rate includes a second photographer and at least 8 hours of shooting. She learned as much about my husband and I before our wedding day. This helped her capture the day in a way that nods to our love story and personalities.

On the big day, she was punctual and patient. As you imagine tensions can get high. She and her second photographer tag teamed to ensure we got all of the photos we needed.

I cannot stress enough how insanely happy we are with our photos. We got so many compliments. They are magical. And to top it off, she got me my edited photos back the week after our wedding.


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Diana was our photographer for our wedding in Miami and our engagement session in New York. We are SO happy we hired her. She was super responsive from the very first message, professional, creative and friendly. She’s also extremely flexible and accommodating. The original day of our engagement session ended up being gloomy and raining and we were able to quickly reschedule for later that same weekend. She really made us feel at ease taking pictures and we absolutely loved the final product. Which by the way we received extremely quick! She also handled a large Indian wedding (24 person bridal party and 500+ guests) with ease. We would definitely recommend Diana & Bluespark to all of our family and friends.


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Until I can properly find the words to say THANK YOU, these will just have to do! Diana, you’ve captured some unbelievable moments for us. They’re moments that I always feel, but obviously never from such angles. It’s truly powerful to see a connection – this connection, ours. Your words on our post were so mighty Diana! We didn’t expect to get such a special preview so soon – AND WE ARE BLOWN AWAY!!! We  certainly didn’t expect you to write such a beautiful and heartfelt post. “I hope you dance” is one of both of our favorite songs – not just because we’re from the west. It made us want to dance… we did.

You’re an amazingly talented human, and more rare is your intuition coupled with such a talent. You really LISTENED to everything!! So grateful for you and this. We’re skipping stones over here, super reinforced and giddy going into the next chapter of our relationship…thank you for being a part of that!!


We had the BEST experience with BlueSpark. Diana is so sweet, and she made us feel comfortable and calm. We are not typically very comfortable in front of the camera but she made us feel great. The angles she captured and her cropping and editing turned our photos into art. She captured our most special day beautifully and comprehensively. We have so many favorite photos! And we’ve gotten so many compliments on our photos also.

You can feel confident knowing you’ll be in great hands with Diana and the BlueSpark team.


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We could not have asked for a better experience from start to finish. Two of my friends had Diana photograph their weddings so when it came time for ours it was a no brainer that we wanted her! She so graciously agreed to shoot our wedding on her birthday of all days.

She is extremely professional and personable and gave a lot of great insider advice outside of what was expected of a photographer. Neither me or my husband feel super comfortable in front of the camera but Diana made it so effortless and the photos are absolutely stunning. I have never loved photos of myself but OMG!

One thing that really stands out is Diana’s ability to be a fly on the wall and catch really beautiful and intimate moments with my husband, friends and family. We have some really amazing moments that we will cherish forever.


Just had my portrait session done for a gift I wanted to give to my future husband before our wedding day. Diana is hands down the best photographer ever! She knows just the right positioning in her photography as well as the right timing and usage of light. Her style, experience, and fun personality made this session so easy and relaxed. I had so much fun while doing it. She put my needs before her own, and even got my photos the same day so I could send them to print right away. She knew and cared about how much this project meant for me. She delivered exactly what she promised and made my vision come to life. I cannot be happier. Will definitely hire her again in the future.


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We first met Diana during our engagement photo session and were immediately impressed with her professionalism, artistic skill, and how natural she made us feel during the whole process. We loved our engagement pictures and were excited to work with her again on our big day. On our wedding day, Diana arrived very punctual and made me feel very calm and natural during my getting ready photos with my bridesmaids and mom/sister. Throughout the rest of the day/night, Diana continued to make us feel comfortable and calm while taking pictures with our families, wedding party (28 people), friends, our first look, and the reception. Our photos (which we received in less than a week after our wedding) were amazing. She truly captured every special moment of the day/night and we could not be any happier with our photographs. Thank you, Diana!


Diana was just wonderful to work with. She photographed us at Central Park and then came to the City Hall to photograph the rest of the day. She made us feel so comfortable and as a result, the photographs ended up looking amazing. We wanted natural, candid shots and Diana made that happen. My now husband forgot to bring his buttonhole, and Diana made one from my bouquet on the spot. She was so accommodating and was so fun to work with. She also shared the full gallery with us the same day of the shoot. I will make sure to recommend her to anyone who asks for a wedding photographer in NYC and thank you for everything again Diana!


Diana is absolutely, positively fantastic. On the morning of our engagement pictures, she was gracious and understanding (we hit NYC morning traffic) and despite our tardiness, she never rushed us, took time to make us feel comfortable, and was 110% prepared with locations scoped out. We took pictures at a variety of different locations with both film and digital cameras. Her turnaround time is FAST (we got our finished engagement pictures back day of!) and her work is stunning. On top of all of that, she has the kindest soul and a true passion for what she does. I highly, highly recommend booking her!


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Working with Diana was an absolute dream. She captured so many special, candid moments throughout the day; was kind and efficient in organizing family & bridal party for pictures; and got our final wedding pictures back to us in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! That’s truly unheard of. And she was more than happy to travel all the way to Pittsburgh! The final pictures were organized, easy to access and share, and STUNNING. She has the most genuine soul and loves what she does, which makes working with her so easy and enjoyable. I highly, highly recommend BlueSpark Photography as your wedding photographer no matter where you are. I will cherish these pictures for the rest of my life and am so glad I entrusted Diana to capture them.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Bluespark Photography for both my engagement shoot and wedding day, and I could not be happier with the results. Diana is incredibly talented and made us feel at ease from the start. She was patient, creative, and her attention to detail was impressive. Our engagement shoot photos turned out beautifully, and we knew we had made the right decision in choosing BlueSpark Photography for our wedding day.

On the wedding day, we worked with Stephanie, one of Bluespark’s associate photographers, and she was a pleasure to work with. Stephanie was professional, fun, easy-going, and made our day stress-free. She captured all the special moments throughout the day, and added personal touches that really made the photos unique and meaningful. Diana did all the editing for our wedding photos and made sure Bluespark’s signature style came through in every shot. She is truly talented, and her eye for detail is impeccable. The final photos are stunning, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Working with Bluespark Photography was an absolute pleasure. Diana and Stephanie made us feel comfortable and happy throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Bluespark Photography to anyone looking for a talented, professional, and creative photography company.


We absolutely LOVED our engagement shoot with Diana. She listened to everything we wanted, and was so patient with us. She is extremely talented and passionate about her work, and even beyond that, she’s passionate about making the couple feel comfortable and excited.

[On the wedding day] Diana (and team) were absolutely perfect. I searched far and wide for photographers that were going to capture our special day in a natural, beautiful and detail-oriented way, and I am so thrilled that I found BlueSpark Photography. Not only is Diana incredibly kind, talented and super responsive, but she was able to make what was the most magical day into a celebration that we can forever remember. I cannot stop staring at my photos. I really don’t think there’s anyone else out there like BlueSpark. Seriously, people – look no further!


I cannot express how thrilled we are with Diana‘s work at our wedding! From start to finish, she exceeded our expectations and captured our special day perfectly. Diana was not only professional but also incredibly talented. She made us feel at ease throughout the entire process, from our initial meeting to the engagement photos to the big day. She listened carefully to our preferences and vision and translated them into breathtaking photos. The attention to detail and creativity is remarkable. She managed to capture not only the key moments, but also the candid and heartfelt emotions that made our wedding so special. We received many compliments from family and friends about the stunning photos! One of the things that stood out to me was her ability to capture the emotions in her photos as well as the minimal use of filters. She also used natural light to enhance our features and create a warm atmosphere with stunning contrasts. In addition to her impeccable talents, she is readily available, attentive, and cares about your preferences. Diana is a joy to work with and we are forever grateful for the significant role she played in making our wedding day unforgettable.


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I recently had the great pleasure of working with Diana (and team) for my wedding. In short, they are exceptionally professional and creative, but also fun with a modern style, and they do the most BEAUTIFUL work I have ever seen. I am so happy that we used Bluespark photography for our wedding and look forward to capturing many more special moments with them in the future.

Diana’s photos are stunning – like magazine quality, straight off of your Pinterest inspiration board level. She has a real eye for details and is great at directing you but also manages to capture photos that actually look like you, not like they’re staged. She captured every moment of my wedding beautifully, from the getting ready to the ceremony to the amazing party, and I am so happy that I will have her images forever. THANK YOU, Diana, for everything! You really do an amazing job and I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about you!

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Diana was our engagement and wedding photographer.  From our first conversation she made us feel comfortable.  We had such a blast at our engagement photoshoot, which made me even more excited for the wedding day.  For our wedding day she captured beautiful images of my husband and I that I will cherish forever.  Looking at the photos, I know the day that went by so quickly will last forever.  I’m having so much fun selecting all the prints and images for our albums.  I highly recommend BlueSpark photography!!!


Diana is a professional. Each business transaction from initial inquiry to contract review and payment processing were seamless. She was transparent about what to expect and delivered on every expectation, starting with our first phone conversation to the day after the wedding when I received a preview of the images. Every step of the way, she asked questions and listened to the intent of my answers. She is a trustworthy business woman.

Diana is an amazing photographer. She understands form, shape, and color that I had only viewed in books. Her fresh modern viewpoint transforms images to art. Now, I will have that art on my wall all of the days of my life.

Diana is more than a photographer, she is a storyteller. She instantly recognized which relationships were special to us and photographed them in detail. She brought out our best selves. Diana is a vibrant person full of life and love that brought an energy to our day which reflected positives and deflected negatives. During a day that escaped our memory too fast, she stopped time and space to capture everything all at once.

Her professionalism, photography and storytelling are unparalleled. We wish her a lifetime of success and adventure. My husband and I feel so grateful that our paths crossed with Diana for one day and now the rest of our lives. I recommend BlueSpark Photography with my whole heart for any event.


Wedding photography is probably one of the most important aspects of a wedding, because once the craziness is over, it is all you have left to document such an important and special day. I can say wholeheartedly that Diana captured the essence and feel of my wedding. She was able to catch some really beautiful candid shots of my husband and I laughing, and enjoying the moment. I absolutely love my wedding photographs and encourage everyone to go to her website and see her portfolio so that you can see for yourselves how talented she is. In addition to being a stellar photographer, Diana is extremely responsive. When I began looking for a wedding photographer I had sent out a few emails. Diana was the first to respond, and it wasn’t just to get my business– throughout the time that I’ve worked with her, even after the wedding, she has responded right away. When planning a wedding (and if you’re reading this, you already know), you have so many things to do and people to manage… having confidence that your photographer is going to be on time, responsive, easy to work with, and professional is INVALUABLE. I am so grateful to Diana for instilling confidence in me that she’d get the job done, and done well. And ultimately, she did! I also want to add that Diana has such a sweet manner about her. She is such a breeze to work with. I’ve been to weddings where photographers are pushy and aggressive with family about where to stand and what to do. Diana was the complete opposite. She was able to get exceptional formal group shots without adding an element of stress. In fact, she helped me buy some time by taking photographs of guests because the restaurant that was hosting my reception wasn’t ready for my party. Thank you Diana! I highly recommend Diana/Bluespark Photography for your photography needs.

Photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. These will capture the memories you will have forever. Look no further and go with BlueSpark Photography. Diana Zapata gave us absolutely unbelievable photos of our engagement session and wedding day. There are so many amazing shots, it has made it so hard to choose which ones to add to our album! All of our friends and family viewed our gallery and have not stopped talking about how incredible they are. The process was easy and comfortable. Diana has a sense of calmness about her that can relax an otherwise overwhelmed bride. The direction was on point and the results…perfection!


Diana is a true artist! She is super kind and beyond patient. She knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and captures pure images of you and your partner. Our engagement pictures captured our true love. I received the preview of our wedding day pictures and I could not stop crying of happiness. She captures every detail and moment of your entire day. I was able to relive our wedding day by looking at our pictures. You will not regret booking her! She’s simply AMAZING.


I first discovered BlueSpark Photography when I got engaged in 2016. Diana did our engagement shoot and I was so thankful that I found her. Our engagement shoot was our very first ever photoshoot, but Diana made us feel so comfortable it became second nature to us. Not to mention our photos came out so amazingly beautiful. Instantly I knew she had to do our wedding, without a doubt. We finally had our wedding this past December 2018 and I was so pleased and impressed with Diana’s sweet, friendly, and professional nature. She really made communicating for any questions or concerns so easy. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else doing our wedding justice the way she did. Diana will be our photographer for life. Thank you so much for your unbelievable work!!


I am so glad we hired Diana for our wedding day!! Everything from our phone consultation to the online planner was easy and seamless. The online planner really helped guide us with photo combinations for our wedding day. Closer to the wedding we hopped on a call to discuss logistics and Diana provided suggestions that worked out perfectly. Her enthusiasm for our wedding got us even more excited and for her to be part of it with us! Diana’s professionalism, energy, and passion really showed the day of our wedding. She was able to document the biggest moments to even the smallest details we had planned. You can imagine the day can be hectic with many emotions and things happening so quickly. I am happy to say that Diana kept us focused and calm while working with us. The photos are timeless and beautiful and they really portrayed the love we have for each other, friends and family.Thank you again for giving us beautiful memories that will last us a lifetime!


Diana was amazing – on-time, responsive, easy to be around, and honestly, once the wedding day started, we barely noticed her! She captured candids, portraits and details beautifully. We trusted her to follow her intuition and we’re so glad we did.


Diana was amazing to work with. My fiance and I both value photography a lot, but were a bit nervous to be the center of attention for a photo shoot. Diana instantly made us feel comfortable for our engagement photos – picking up on what was and was not natural for us. We ended up having a ton of fun and left smiling and happy.

We were even more impressed when she sent us the preview link to our photos the next morning – super fast turnaround!! All the photos were ready within two days – incredible. We’ve been looking through them and are amazed at how many options we have.


Diana was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not to mention our engagement photographs are OUT OF THIS WORLD. My fiancé and I had never been photographed together professionally, but she calmed our nerves and helped us settle on the perfect location. We brought our rescue dog for the photos and she was a perfect match for him too. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother, better process and the pictures turned out even more incredible than I could have imagined. Thank you, Diana!!


Diana and BlueSpark Photography is an incredibly talented company. Her photographs are timeless and effortless! Throughout the months leading up to our wedding, she took the time to get to know my husband and myself which definitely showed in all our photos. She captured photos from my bridal prep to the end of the reception; each was more beautiful than the next.

Diana was the most genuine and thoughtful vendor I had at my wedding and I plan on having her capture all of my next memorable moments with my husband. I can’t express my gratitude enough to BlueSpark Photography and I am thrilled to have recommended her to many of my engaged friends!


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