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Presence and Vulnerability as a Recipe for Creativity

Have you ever come across that one photo? The one that seems to whisk you away to another place, where the light falls just right, and you can almost feel the breeze lifting a veil or shaping a dress? It’s the effortless expression on someone’s face, or the sheer joy they share with their partner. This, I believe, is what we all strive for when envisioning wedding photos. Most people scour photographer portfolios in search of evidence of this kind of work.

I’d say a good 70% of those magical photos come from the photographer’s expertise and creative eye. However, there’s one ingredient you bring to the table that’s unique: yourself. It turns out, those images that evoke emotion within us need a few things to make them truly wonderful. Curious? Keep reading.

Elevating Your Photos with Intentional Engagement

Presence starts the moment you show up. You’re being photographed, so you want to really be there. But presence is more than just showing up; it’s about engaging, listening, and actively participating. It’s crucial for incredible photos because intentional eyes take images to a whole new level. Before I photograph my clients, I always stress the importance of eye contact. Whether alone, with a partner, or family members, eye contact can make all the difference in a photo. So, next time you’re in front of the camera, consider how present you truly are. Where are your eyes looking? What are you thinking about? You don’t have to stare straight at the camera the whole time, but be intentional about where your gaze lands.

Embracing Authenticity to Capture Unforgettable Images

Vulnerability to me is an extension of presence. It allows you to fully be yourself—whether posing, jumping, running, laughing, or even crying and just breathing for a moment. Vulnerability is what brings out the magic on the other side.

Lastly, creativity. I see creativity as a dance—it moves and takes different shapes and forms. While it’s the photographer’s job to bring creativity to the table, clients can also contribute in beautiful ways that spark something magical. I can’t tell you how many times clients have done something unexpected, taking us straight into magic territory.

These are just three important things to consider when showing up for photos—solo, family, couples, weddings. And here’s a piece of advice regarding your wedding photo collection: Don’t skip the engagement session. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to feel comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

Just like your wedding photos, engagement images serve as a visual reminder of those wonderful early moments together. Even if you’re not keen on having engagement photos taken, keep in mind that it’s a chance to get to know your photographer and have beautiful portraits to adorn your home. I suggest choosing a location with significance to you both. The location plays a vital role in telling your story cohesively. During these sessions, you’ll find yourself becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. Many couples include their engagement photos in their wedding album or create a separate one. They’re perfect for framing, creating save-the-date cards, announcements, or simply printing as keepsakes. Your engagement and wedding day images tell the story of this time in your life.

Get some engagement session inspo here.

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I’m Diana, a Film and Digital PHOTOGRAPHER in NYC & beyond

I believe in the magic that happens when people feel comfortable, allowing their true selves to shine. Real emotion is the secret ingredient that turns a photo into a precious memory. But it’s not just about the final images; it’s about having a great time while creating them. 




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