the park savoy, florham park, nj


Wedding Planner: Ask Neha Now
Photographer: BlueSpark Photography
Videographer: Lovebrain Films
Officiant: Once Upon a Vow
Venues: The Park Savoy and The Westin Governor
Decor: Wedding Design and Decor
Hair and Makeup: Sanjana Vaswani
Henna: Henna art by Hiram
Wedding Outfits: Nazranaa


I have been there, in these moments, and am still in awe of how she captures fleeting looks in such elegant preciseness. This is by far the biggest reason why I loved working with her.

Simply put, Diana is the photographer you need for your upcoming wedding. She did our engagement shoot and 17-hour (!!) wedding over the course of two days. Here are the reasons why we LOVED working with her: 1) Her artistry. Diana produces, hands down, some of the most beautiful, emotional photographs I have ever seen. She has a true eye for capturing intimate moments, intricate details, a knowing smile, a look of love. 2) Her ability to be invisible when needed and directive when needed. When we were doing formals and couples shots, Diana was directive and vocal to get us, our family, and bridal party into the right poses and organization. I actually especially saw this when we were doing the engagement shoot. You’re just two people, you show up, and then what? haha – well, no fear – Diana has all of these prompts and ideas to get the romance and laughter flowing and soon you forget she is even there! Back to wedding day, though, Diana and team are also invisible when need  be – for example, capturing moments like your ceremony, your interaction with guests, dancing, etc. 3) Her professionalism. Throughout our entire weekend of events, Diana was always focused on her photography. Whether taking photos, directing us, planning for a shot, she was always focused on the work and never wasted a single second of our very jam-packed day. I know this may sound silly, but your wedding day is busy! You want to work with vendors who respect your time and the sanctity of the day. 4) Her punctual nature. I’m pretty sure Diana lives by ‘if you’re early, you’re on time, and if you’re on time, you’re late’. She was early to our engagement shoot and wedding events! Going back to the last point, she truly is a professional and she respects you and your time. These are big moments and every second matters. 5) Her grace and fortitude. We had 17 hours of photography during our two-day wedding weekend! 17! Diana executed with grace and fortitude. I am sure it must have been tiring, but I couldn’t tell at all – Diana was always energetic and had her eye on the prize. 6) Her ability to capture multi-cultural events. My husband and I had a unique, multi-cultural wedding (Sangeet, followed by wedding day, which consisted of Hindu Ceremony in morning and Civil Ceremony in afternoon, followed by cocktail hour and reception). Diana was very open to learning about all the important traditions we wanted captured. And capture she did – we are so happy that all of our requested moments are reflected in the photos. 7) Her quick delivery of finished photos. Diana’s turnaround is wicked fast. We received our full Sangeet album in 3 days after the event! Crazy! For our engagement shoot, she delivered it one day later! 8) Her responsiveness. If we ever had any question, Diana always got back to us in a timely manner and was always happy to help.

We highly recommend Diana, and personally cannot wait to hire her down the line for other big moments in our life. 


maggie & himesh

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